Humiliation for grand-pa

Grand-pa is so fun to play with. I love that he is into hard-core humiliation lol! Our session is always about brain-washing him of how ugly he is hahahh! And I know this is the only thing that make his dick really hard is MY heartless harsh words. I actually enjoy do it because this is like his “Viagra Vitamin” in a way that there’s no bad side effects in his body. Since harsh humiliation is his favorite thing in the world I see this as therapeutic to him which we both know that there is no license Doctor would provide such a treatment lol!

Outfits from:

Full Fashioned Stockings from Love-slave

Heels from Pin dick jeft

Satin touch pantyhose from Great-Servant

Gloves from Slave I can’t remember because he is now gone

Dress from Pin Dick Jeft!

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